We are not like any other entertainment company you will ever encounter.  Our company is inclusive of artist, songwriter, producer and engineer management; music publishing; and a music label. We set a new standard, a new bar for excellence in music, mission, and ministry.  We are creative visionaries that impact the culture in pursuit of our mission, not money! We seek to elevate the culture with every note, every lyric, every visual, in all content, all formats, and all genres.  We are poetic life-givers whose lifestyles reflect light and life more abundantly.   Because the culture and the world needs us, we exist.  Uniquely different and blessed to exist at such a time as this, we are relevant to the culture and times in which we live. We burst through obstacles, and cannot be boxed in or siloed by external boundaries.  We forge past comfort zones as revolutionaries without fear!  We inspire and bring insight to the culture through our expressions and experience which allows others to see what is to come.  Again, we are not like any other entertainment company - we are so much more!  We are Revelant Entertainment!