Revelant Entertainment was birthed because we have a passion to see the Kingdom of God advanced in the entertainment industry.  We want to build artists who can stand, not on religion, but on the word of God, and advance God’s cause in the culture.  We are sick of the youth and the culture being poisoned by those who are selfishly motivated, whose God is money, and who have no interest in uplifting the culture. We believe that we can help artists be so creative, so bold, so seasoned, that they can go anywhere, create in any genre, and take ground for God and His Kingdom.  We believe that we can build an artist to be kingdom-minded and then nurture them to hone their gifts and talents to ultimately be an unstoppable force.  We hold bootcamps to determine the artists’ needs, pray about the direction of each artist and their business strategy, and chart their course.  We have a dream to ingest creative, uplifting, musical content into the culture, one artist at a time.